PlayStation 2( Slim )



The PlayStation 2 (PS2) is a home video game console that was developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment, formerly 

Sony Computer Entertainment.


PS2 Slim Available in late October 2004, it is smaller, thinner, and quieter than the older versions and includes a built-in Ethernet 

port (in some markets it also has an integrated modem).


Top Games :


1- God Of War

2- Metal Gear Solid 2

3- Silent Hill 2

4- GTA: San Andreas

5- Resident Evil 4


GameKom features:

1- All our console tested 

2- Very good workin condition

3- Comes with backage one console, one joystick, one av wire and ac adapter

3- contact me first before placing an order

4- Most of our console from other collector who would like to sell it

5- Games and acssesories are available for extra charge

6- Delivery available to your doorstep while you are buying or selling

7- Cash on delivery

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